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Here you will find notes from Dave Hogan,
as well as news and other publicity.


Dave Hogan: “The Irish rendering of Connemara is Connamara and this is, in turn, a contraction of Conmaicne Mara, an ancient people who occupied the region from the early historic period, the 5th or 6th century.  These people were the supposed descendants of the mythical Conmac, with Conmaicne meaning “the…

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Dave Hogan, guide for “Landscape & Lore, Music & Myth Tour” writes:

Visitors to Connemara in the far west of Ireland are understandably awed by the wildness and by the breath-taking scenery of this landscape.  The color patterns of the land, water and sky can vary, not only from season to season but also from hour to hour as sunshine changes to…

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Exploring the mysteries of Ireland

August 10, 2018 Exploring the mysteries of Ireland, by Kate Hennessy. I am a great believer in invitations, particularly ones that take us out of our ordinary and habitual way of perceiving the world and our connection to it. Ireland —its landscape, history, people, culture, and flora and fauna —…

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