Dave Hogan, guide for “Landscape & Lore, Music & Myth Tour” writes:

Visitors to Connemara in the far west of Ireland are understandably awed by the wildness and by the breath-taking scenery of this landscape.  The color patterns of the land, water and sky can vary, not only from season to season but also from hour to hour as sunshine changes to rain and back again; morning light casts a very different glow on the land compared to the low evening sunlight which etches a much altered relief everywhere.  Sparsely populated, you could be forgiven for thinking that human activity has left little mark on such a splendid and panoramic beauty.

We have hard archaeological evidence for continuous occupation in Connemara for at least the last 6,000 years, with some new finds suggesting even older use of this land by early hunter-gather groups.  Couple the rich archaeological heritage with the broad historical swathe of Gaelic, Norman and English conflict here; couple the ancient literature and sagas with the complicated arrival and spread of Christianity (from the 5th century CE); couple the ancient Gaelic language with the arrival and rise of spoken English; and you can see how a very rich cultural heritage is co-mingled with the natural.  And we have yet not mentioned the music and song.   (watch our Guide Notes/Blog updates)

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