Dave Hogan – Irish Byways Interpretive Guide

Dave Hogan is one of Ireland’s most Masterful Tour Guides

Dave Hogan is a true scholar, musician and storyteller, ecologist, naturalist and wildlife biologist.  He has a long-standing interests in landscape history and the early history and mythology of Ireland.

Listen to audio (end of this page) as Dave guides our tour through the Irish landscape.

Dave is a fluent Gaelic speaker. He has worked extensively as an academic ecologist, a naturalist & wildlife biologist, an environmental consultant, and in heritage & tourism consultancy. He has a wide experience in lecturing, from formal academics in Canada and Ireland, to informal interpretive lectures in the Irish landscape (which is now his only classroom). He is an excellent communicator and lecturer, specializing in using non-technical language and images to illuminate important landscape features.

He has wide experience of organizing and leading nature and heritage tours to all parts of Ireland, but mainly in the West.

Over the years he has worked with geologists, archaeologists and vegetation historians and this teamwork has given him an intimate understanding of the natural and cultural heritage that is the Irish landscape. He has specialized knowledge and experience in flora, vegetation, ornithology, mammalogy, and landscape structure. His interest in landscape has brought him into contact with the rich tapestry of social and cultural influences that have contributed to mouding the physical and biological landscape, place names, history, mythology and the Irish language.

His early interest in Irish music and song fits right into this cross-over and contributes to his passion.

He has recorded with the original traditional group Cluain and has contributed to the popular CD, “The Bright Road” Barbara Callan and Lynn Saoirse.  Click here to listen to samples and to purchase this CD.

LISTEN BELOW to Dave Hogan’s spoken tour recordings.  The recordings took place while in outdoor settings, so you will note that the microphone also caught all the ambiance and surrounding noise of the natural world.  The recordings reflect Dave’s depth of knowledge and his pleasure of sharing that knowledge with our travelers.

Guide Dave Hogan’s Spoken Tour Excerpts

Reprinted here with the kind permission of the Irish Gazette, is Dave Hogan’s August 9, 2019 article on Irish Storytelling. To download as a pdf click on the image to the left or Click here.






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